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3 x Roto Plain 750cc Wide Mouth Bottle

3 x Roto Plain 750cc Wide Mouth Bottle

Hygienic bottle to take 750cc of fluid.
  • Push/Pull Valve Opening
  • Lid unscrews to give wide neck for easy filling and cleaning.
  • Various colours available

AKLA Meraklon Short Sleeve Wick-away Thermal Undershirt

AKLA Meraklon Short Sleeve Wick-away Thermal Undershirt

Short sleeved Merkalon undershirt.
  • Manufactured from High Thermal Meraklon
Product Features:
  • Moisture is transported into the material, so coldness through evaporation (as experienced with cotton polyester etc) is avoided.
  • It absorbs very little moisture,
  • Very high thermal insulation,
  • Quickly washed and dried,
  • Stays soft after repeated washing,
  • Chemically neutral (does not cause allergies)
Complete Bike Carrier System

Complete Bike Carrier System

The Bike Carrier System is a tried and tested system of carrying bikes on vehicles.  It consists of all the parts necessary to transport a bicycle on car roof bars.

All the parts are easily bolted in place with wing nuts allowing fast and efficient fixing and
secure to roof bars up to 38mm square or in diameter

The kit comprises of a front fork clamp which includes a quick release skewer, rear wheel carrier and forks for carrying the removed front wheel.

Available in two versions, one for road bikes with narrow tyres and one for mountain bikes, utility bikes or town bikes which has a wider rear channel to allow for the wider tyres fitted to these bikes

The parts are also available individually as a rear wheel support for road bikes, a rear wheel support for mountain or town bikes, the spare wheel support for the removed front wheel and the front fork clamp for securing the forks.

OZZO Light Weight Rain Jacket

OZZO Light Weight Rain Jacket

Only £15.99

Featured in


5 out of 5 for Value &
Excellent Performance

Wind and Rain Cheating Light Weight Jacket in Fluorescent Yellow
  • Made from Showerproof Nylon
  • Large Vents at side.
  • Designed to Keep you Dry for as Long as Possible.
  • Very Compact size when folded.
Cycling Plus Review:
"This jacket is made from lightweight waterproof nylon and has mesh panels on the sides.  The cut is good, with the back and sleeves usefully long.  Even though this jacket is cheap and light it performed well; you could get one and just leave it with your tools in a wedge-bag on the training bike as a precaution.  It weighs in at a sleek 110g."

Spare Presta Washer for Bicycle Pumps

Spare Presta Washer for Bicycle Pumps

  • Spare washer for Giyo pumps to fit presta valves.
  • Dia approx 16mm.
  • Also is a standard fitment for many other makes.
Velox Waterproof Bicycle Grease

Velox Waterproof Bicycle Grease

A convenient sized 25gm tube of waterproof pink bicycle grease from the famous Velox brand.

  • Suitable for headset bearings, bottom bracket bearings, hubs, pedals, threads etc.
  • Perfect for traditional cup and cone bearings on classic bike builds.
  • Prevent corrosion on seat stems and other interfaces.
  • Handy tube size.