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Cycle Clothing & Accessories | Cycling Essentials

Summer Cycling with IMP
Challenge Bicycle Tyres
Challenge Tyres
Elite and Triathlon Hand made tyres.
Puncture Protection
TPI: 260 & 300 for low rolling resistance

Only £19.99

LOOK Compatible Cleats

Only £8.49
Warm Weather Cycling Cream

Only £19.99
OZZO Stash Pack

Only £9.99
Look Cleats Creams and Lotions Saddle Bags

A Pair of Replacement Look KEO Compatible Cleats
An excellent alternative to the genuine product.

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Warm weather cream for use before training and competition providing a refreshing effect to muscles.

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A Useful saddlebag with 2 extra side pockets.

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Chain Cleaners only £14.95

Keep your bike clean this summer

with a selction of cleaning tool and cleaners.

Why not use our wheel bags to help keep your wheels pristine - also great if you transport your bike by car.

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Recommended Products

AKLA Meraklon Short Sleeve Wick-away Thermal Undershirt

AKLA Meraklon Short Sleeve Wick-away Thermal Undershirt

Short sleeved Merkalon undershirt.
  • Manufactured from High Thermal Meraklon
Product Features:
  • Sweat is transported into the material, so coldness through evaporation (as experienced with cotton polyester etc) is avoided.
  • It takes in very little moisture,
  • Very high thermal insulation,
  • Quickly washed and dried,
  • Stays soft after repeated washing,
  • Chemically neutral (does not cause allergies)
Barbieri Moskito CO2 Bicycle Pump

Barbieri Moskito CO2 Bicycle Pump

For Road or MTB tyres.
  • Complete with one 16g Co2 cylinder.
  • The pump is convertible for use as a hand pump if you run out of cylinders.
  • We find it best to slightly inflate the tyre with the hand pump to locate tyre properly then zapp it with the compressed gas.
  • UK delivery only

Chapak Skull Cap

Chapak Skull Cap

Save £6

Under helmet skull cap with "WindStopper" - Perfect for keeping warm in colder weather


Iceni Winter Gloves

Iceni Winter Gloves

New Winter Cycling gloves from Iceni

With a radical new "Ultra 3 Tech” 3-layer fabric construction, reinforced with Amara that is wind and water-repellent on the front with a Winster Tricloth construction on the back.


  • Silicon printing
  • Foam padding
  • Velcro fastening closure
  • Extra-long cuff
  • Thumb fleece
OZZO Bib Thermal Roubaix Lined Cycling Tights

OZZO Bib Thermal Roubaix Lined Cycling Tights

Save £10

Our Performance Fit Thermal Roubaix Fleeced Lycra cold weather bib tights will keep your legs warm and moving when the temperature drops. These full length tights also provide protection against the weather and set the benchmark in warmth and moisture transfer.  Supplied without a pad but they do have foot loops to help them stay in place.

  • Black Stretch Roubaix Action Fabric with Zipped Front.
  • Excellent value for money

OZZO Light Weight Rain Jacket

OZZO Light Weight Rain Jacket

Save £10

Featured in


5 out of 5 for Value &
Excellent Performance

Wind and Rain Cheating Light Weight Jacket in Fluorescent Yellow
  • Made from Showerproof Nylon
  • Large Vents at side.
  • Designed to Keep you Dry for as Long as Possible.
  • Very Compact size when folded.
Cycling Plus Review:
"This jacket is made from lightweight waterproof nylon and has mesh panels on the sides.  The cut is good, with the back and sleeves usefully long.  Even though this jacket is cheap and light it performed well; you could get one and just leave it with your tools in a wedge-bag on the training bike as a precaution.  It weighs in at a sleek 110g."