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Cycle Clothing & Accessories | Cycling Essentials

Winter/Spring Cycle Clothing

New Winter Gloves from Iceni
Water and wind Repellent
Foam Padding
Extra Long cuff
Velcro Enclosure
Thumb Fleece

Only £17.99

Iceni Cold Weather Overshoes

Only £29.99
Iceni Waterproof Overshoes

Only £24.99
Iceni Neoprene Overshoes

Only £19.99
 Cold Weather Overshoes  Waterproof Overshoes  Neoprene Overshoes

Cold weather overshoes with fleece fabric in toe area and made from 4mm neoprene.

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Waterproof overshoes with a fleece lined water repellent outer material.

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Overshoes made from 2mm neoprene. Designed to protect from cold and wet weather.

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Chain Cleaners only £14.95

Keep your bike clean this winter

with a selction of cleaning tool and cleaners.

Why not use our wheel bags to help keep your wheels pristine - also great if you transport your bike by car.

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Recommended Products

AKLA Long Sleeved Meraklon Wick-away Thermal Shirt with Zipped neck

AKLA Long Sleeved Meraklon Wick-away Thermal Shirt with Zipped neck

Long Sleeved Undershirt made from High Thermal Meraklon.

Product Features:
  • Zipped at long neck that can be rolled down.
  • Sweat is transported into the material, so coldness through evaporation (as experienced with cotton polyester etc) is avoided.
  • It takes in very little moisture,
  • Very high thermal insulation,
  • Quickly washed and dried,
  • Stays soft after repeated washing,
  • Chemically neutral (does not cause allergies).
  • Navy Blue.

Barbieri Mikrobi CO2 Pumps

Barbieri Mikrobi CO2 Pumps

This is simply a valve with knurled knob to which you screw a CO2 Cylinder of either 12 or 16gms size.
Weighs only 55g without cartridge.

  • One 12g Co2 cartridge included
  • Weight of Mikrobi only 55gms.
  • Simply press Mikrobi onto valve and turn on gas.
  • Rubber washer is reversible for schraeder/presta.
  • Keep in pocket or fix to bike with Klippo Cartridge holder.
  • UK delivery only

IMP £20.00 Gift Voucher

IMP £20.00 Gift Voucher

IMP (In Motion Products) Gift vouchers are the ideal gift. Buy them what they've always wanted.
Kaaboom Bike Cleaner

Kaaboom Bike Cleaner

1.1 litres for the price of a single litre of cleaner

100% acid free biodegradeable bike cleaner

Cleans quickly with the minimum of scrubbing

Safe to use on painted, plated, polished or clear coated finishes.

Polaris Aqualite Jacket

Polaris Aqualite Jacket

Save £12

Lightweight Weatherproof Jacket.

(End of line product - sold on a first come first served basis)

Roto Plain 750cc Bottle

Roto Plain 750cc Bottle

An excellent hygienic bottle to take 750cc of liquid.
  • Lid unscrews to give wide neck for easy filling and cleaning.
  • Various colours available.